March-Westin Company, Inc.‘s superior service and longevity is due to our deep roots in the construction industry. They have set forth long term relationship with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. In addition, our firm aligns itself with several sister companies in Morgantown, West Virginia. These relationships increase our productivity and efficiency; all of which aid in serving our clients with expert service and reliable results.

Our firm recognizes that our diverse mix of clientele have specific needs and expectations. As a result, March-Westin Company, Inc. is a full service construction company specializing in five services: General Contracting, Design-Build, Construction Management, Estimating Services, and LEED Certification.
General contracting is the largest part of our business. Approximately 85% of our time is devoted to general contracting projects such as: WVU Women’s Soccer Facility, Shaft Drillers International, and Chestnut Ridge Church. Our firm assigns at least one project manager and superintendent to every project; ensuring effective communication so that vital details are not overlooked. Additionally, leaning on the strength and knowledge of our skilled specialist to self-perform 80% of the project, rather than using a subcontractor. The expertise of our in-house work crews allows us to exercise greater control over scheduling and trade coordination.
March-Westin Company, Inc.’s design-build approach combines professional designers and skilled construction services into one phase. Our firm hand selects our design-build teams to achieve a common set of core values, including efficiency, innovation, and accountability. These core values ensure the design and construction process is design led and quality driven. Often times, our clients have specific criteria in mind; therefore our project management team works collectively to explore alternatives and seek out solutions. Design-Build offers a wide variety of benefits, including a single source of responsibility and minimized risk by intersecting the design and construction stage of the project. With design-build, March-Westin Company, Inc. is in the “driver’s seat” and our firm takes responsibility for ensuring the project has fulfilled the clients’ expectations.

Construction management originates at the pre-construction meeting and continues until the project is fully executed. Construction management tasks include budgeting and efficiency through procurement of labor, materials, equipment, and coordination of design, estimating, and construction. As an advocate for the owner, March-Westin Company, Inc. takes a personal commitment to meet the owner’s financial and design requirements. Although construction management services can stand alone, our firm typically is also the general contractor or design builder. These projects include Marina Towers, Fairmont General Hospital, and WVU Alumni Center.
Our estimating department quotes various projects that differ in size, volume, and industry. March-Westin Company, Inc. quotes a firm fix price, a straightforward quote including materials, labor, and time. Additionally, our estimating department offers preconstruction budgets to detail the allocation of funds. Our project managers work alongside our estimators to value engineer projects and allow our project managers to give additional insights on the project. This provides our clients with accurate quotes and a smooth transition from estimating to construction.
Our firm has access to LEED accredited engineers who specialize in green building design and construction. Whether your project calls for simple energy upgrades or detailed green construction, March-Westin Company, Inc. can use our green expertise to achieve the desired level of sustainability.Our firm has proudly designed and constructed several LEED buildings in West Virginia, including Allegheny Energy Transmission Headquarters in Fairmont, West Virginia and the General Services Administration building in Morgantown, West Virginia.