At March-Westin, the paramount priorities are employee health, safety and prevention of injuries. March-Westin maintains a zero-tolerance policy on the basis that all injuries are preventable. Our dedicated Safety Coordinator partners with field supervision to ensure this policy is communicated and enforced through all levels of the organization and provides education, training and guidance to ensure that March-Westin exceeds the standards for safety in the construction industry.

March-Westin recognizes that the only way to ensure a safe worksite is for every person to assume ownership of safety and to make it the top priority. We expect that all employees and subcontractors on our projects follow our Safety Core Values to help us maintain a safe workplace:

Teamwork: It takes an entire team to create a safe work environment.

Accountability: Each person is independently responsible for their safety and that of their team and others on the project.

Stop-Work Authority: All employees are empowered and expected to be vigilant in looking for safety hazards and to stop work when the employee has a good faith belief that it is necessary to correct a hazard.

Communication: Effective communication is crucial for creating a safe work environment.